About Eli Bronner Fine Art

Eli Bronner started his career in the art business in 2015 while still an executive at the software company he co-founded, Lua. The company was later acquired by Life Biosciences. Bronner’s family has long been involved in art. In 1909, his great grandfather Maurice Bronner was the curator of the original Jewish Museum in Vienna, Austria.

In 2015, Eli Bronner began working with Michael Gittes whose work has since been exhibited in museums around the world. Miguel Machado of Havana, Cuba, and Gianna Dispenza, based in London, are both artists he now represents. 

The business takes a different approach than most in that Bronner is personally dedicated to a small, hand-selected group of artists from around the globe. The focus is on continuing to build their careers top to bottom, curating historic exhibitions, and placing their work in prominent private and public collections. Eli Bronner Fine Art is headquartered in New York City.


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